Andreas Markdalen
Principal Design Director @frogdesign
Stockholm, London, Milan, Austin, Tx.
Twitter: @AMarkdalen

07.07.2015 Big announcement to make (midi fanfare!). After some 20 years in Sweden, 7 years in the UK and almost exactly 7 years in Italy it's time to try a new - very different - adventure. Happy to announce I will be re-locating with the family and to start working in the frog studio in Austin, Tx this autumn! Taking a few months off with the family to prepare for the move this summer and will start my work in the US on September 7th. Really excited to embark on a new (Texan) adventure, please reach out if you want to meet up in Austin.
23.05.2015 Holding a lecture about User Interface design at the Politechnico di Milano. The lecture is part of the MA degree programme for Interaction and Service Design.
13.05.2015 You can watch my talk on chess and automated design held at Digital Shoreditch on YouTube.
13.04.2015 If you're in town for the Salone del Mobile (Milan Furniture Fair) this coming week, make sure you stop by @frogdesign for drinks on Tuesday night. From our press release: "Please join us on April 14th as frog transforms its Milan studio for an immersive encounter with the technology-fuelled headlines of tomorrow - and explore what may become future factor or fiction together with panelists from IKEA, Empatica, and frog". Make sure you vote on our headlines from the future and RSVP here.
13.03.2015 Happy to announce I'll be speaking at Digital Shoreditch in May this year. The title of the talk is "The 44th Move" and I'll speak about Chess, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Design. More info to come.
11.03.2015 In March 2014 I was invited to speak about the state of Visual Design at an internal @frogdesign event held in Seattle. It turned out I wasn’t able to travel that specific week, so I sent a video instead. I just recently got around to publish this online, please check "On Visual Design" out.
11.02.2015 Congratulations to Federico Lameri who won an IxDA award for his lovely Toot project in San Francisco last night. I had priveliege to get to know Fede while co-leading a course in Interaction Design held at SUPSI in Lugano, Switzerland in 2013. During the spring and the summer of 2014 I mentored the Toot project. Well done buddy!
18.07.2014 Part of the Jury at Hackathon event "Code the future" held in the frog Milan studio tomorrow. Read more about the event here, hope to see you around.
31.05.2014 For my friends in the UK, I wrote the cover story of Computer Arts #228, entitled "The Innovation Issue". Read more about the printed edition here, if you like you can also check the my piece, "Beyond the Artifact" on Medium.
23.05.2014 Speaking at Politechnico di Milano today (MA Interaction Design). The presentation is entitled "Designing User Interfaces".
16.05.2014 Some new work published on the frog website. I led the design of the Sky Online service DLS across six touchpoints (Web, Tablet - iOS/Android, XBox, Playstation 3 and Smart TV) during summer/autumn last year. The project is now live. It's the largest, most diverse DLS I've been involved in designing so pretty excited to see it go live. 1 million users signed up to the service within the first month. Check out the case study here.
10.05.2014 Mentoring students at Domus Academy in Milan and at SUPSI in Lugano, for the completion of their thesis work this spring. More info to come.
04.05.2014 Promoted to Principal Design Director at frog.
23.04.2014 frog Case Study published for the Living project I worked on last year (Art Direction & Lead Design).
06.04.2014 Speaking together with Executive Creative Director Thomas Sutton during the "Creativity After Hours" event organized by frog this coming Thursday. We'll dig into the topic of "creativity", what it means and its' bipolar nature. The event is held for the annual Salone del Mobile furniture fair in Milan to an audience of clients, partners and friends. Read more and RSVP to the event here.
20.03.2014 Judging/curating brand identity work for Behance Russia this week. Read more here.
05.03.2014 Teaching at SUPSI in Lugano, Switzerland this month. The course is entitled "Designing advanced services" and puts focus on the user-centered design process with an element of branded user experience. Running the course with fellow frogs Giorgio Baresi, Roberta Tassi, Laura Licari and Ivan Provenzale.
08.02.2014 Teaching at the ECV - École de Communication Visuelle in Paris this month. The course (part of the MA Communication / Corporate Design degree) is entitled "The Experience is the Brand" and sets out to explore the diminishing space between Brand Experience and User Experience.
13.11.2013 Wrote a little thing on translation – "On Design & Translation (Les Belles Infidèles). You can read it on Medium or on frog's design.mind.
18.10.2013 Check out the new frog web site. Contains some work I've done for Swisscom, Vogue Italia, UBS and A World of Tweets.
07.10.2013 We've just launched Living, Corriere della Sera's new magazine on Interior design and Lifestyle. I led the design work on behalf of frog, scaling the magazine concept by Studio Blanco for browser and tablet experiences.
05.10.2013 Two recent projects; business and finance newspaper IlSole24Ore and fashion institution Vogue Italia won gold at the 2013 Macchianera Awardshere in Italy. Sole24Ore won "Best Economy" and Vogue Italia won "Best Fashion". Read more here.
01.10.2013 Leading the "Designing Mobile Interfaces" course @ SUPSI in Lugano, Switzerland with a few of my colleagues from frog this autumn. The course is part of the Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design. Other course/workshop leaders include Massimo Banzi, Giorgio Olivero and Andreas Gysin.
07.06.2013 Participated as part of an external jury for the Design & Typography Masters Degree students at the ECV - École de Communication Visuelle, in Paris.
31.05.2013 Held a presentation for the Masters Degree students at the Politechnico di Milano, titled "What Makes a Good User Interface". You can download a pdf of the deck here.
23.03.2013 We've just launched the new website for IlSole24Ore, the third largest newspaper on business and finance in Europe.
23.01.2013 Video posted from My Creative Mornings Talk "Gardening with Biggie Smalls". Do check it out.
19.01.2013 Posting my reading list and other stuff I like on my Quora blog Bits on Design (UI/UX).
27.07.2012 Curated AIGA's DesignEnvy Blog for a week in July. Wrote about intuition and beauty.